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Life Changing Journeys

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 Life Changing Journeys of Discovery

Having inspired thousands of people to create meaningful change in their lives, Will Monroe Whittle leads life-changing journeys to some of the most remarkable places on earth. These exhilarating small group journeys focus on connecting you to local people, cultures and nature, and are designed to create empowering shifts in perspective, help you align with greater purpose and live a more authentic, meaningful life.

Each journey combines immersive cultural exploration, exciting outdoor activities, exotic culinary experiences, and top-notch accommodations with workshops and discussions geared to open the heart and enliven the mind. Through the exploration of ancient wisdom, story and symbol you’ll discover the hidden meaning behind some of the world’s most intriguing cultures and learn how to bring empowering wisdom into your life.  As you examine and move beyond your habitual ways of seeing things, you’ll transcend limiting perspectives, expand your awareness, and experience greater joy and authenticity.

Join us on our next adventure to Sacred Peru!


Sacred Peru

A Journey of Self-Discovery
October 2020


A Journey into the Heart of the World
March 28 — APRIL 4, 2019