Will Monroe Whittle



Colombia — Journey into the Heart of the World

October 2020 | From $3,950

Southeast Asia is one of the most sensual, seductive, and exotic regions on earth. Add “magical,” “mysterious,” and “sultry” and you are still barely skimming the surface in describing the allure. Join transformational teacher and leadership expert Will Monroe Whittle for an adventure-filled 12-day journey exploring lush tropical landscapes, bustling cities, serene villages, and ancient architectural wonders unlike anything in the Western world. The poignant histories, unique cultures, and spiritual traditions of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia will spark your curiosity and open your eyes to a world vastly different from our own. In the words of world-renowned writer, Pico Iyer, “We travel to slip through the curtain of the ordinary … to be carried off into a sense of strangeness, and into the expanded sense of possibility that strangeness sometimes brings.” No place on this planet better evokes this “sense of strangeness” than SE Asia. Join Will Monroe Whittle on this immersive journey of self-exploration, discovery, and transformation.



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 Pricing & Inclusions


  • $4,985/pp (based on double occupancy)

  • Single Supplement: $950 (may be available upon request)

What’s Included:

  • All accommodations listed above (11N)

  • Breakfast and Lunch every day; 9 dinners

  • All experiences and activities

  • All transfers and transportation

  • All cruises and boat trips

  • All Domestic Flights: Hanoi > Luang Prabang > Siem Reap

What’s Not Included:

  • All International Flights > We Can Help Book Flights!

  • Travel Insurance > We Can Help!

  • Items of a Personal Nature

  • Souvenirs



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