Will Monroe Whittle

Will Monroe Whittle is a thought leader, transformational teacher, and sought-after seminar leader and speaker who teaches people, leaders, and teams to tap into their personal power, align themselves with greater purpose and infuse their lives and businesses with authenticity.

As an expert in emotional intelligence, leadership, and teamwork, Will delivers seminars and keynotes around the world that empower people, leaders, and teams to engage in their work, collaborate, and perform at their best. Through his seminars, travel retreats, speeches and consulting, Will weaves recent breakthroughs in modern science with wisdom preserved in ancient cultures to teach important techniques that allow individuals and organizations to be more aware, mindful, authentic, and effective with themselves and others.

He has led seminars on five continents and at the following diverse organizations: Sony, Visa, Wells Fargo, Chevron, Walmart, Gap, Genentech, Federal Reserve Bank, Stanford Research Institute, Universitat de Barcelona, Kaiser Permanente, Riverbed Technologies, Ubisoft, Levi Strauss, BioMarin, University of California, San Francisco Travel, The North Face, the Oakland Raiders, and many others.

Will holds a degree in Communication Studies and Business from UCLA, is a partner and mentor with the Transformational Travel Council, has edited several award-winning articles published in international journals and magazines and has coached a long list of high-level professionals, inspiring them to excel in their lives and careers. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Tiburon California.