Will Monroe Whittle

Sacred Peru — An Inspiring Journey of Self Discovery

October 2020 | From $3,950

Imagine watching the sunrise from the top of the highest peak above Machu Picchu, looking down on the vast ruins, and then out across the surrounding verdant mountain peaks which seem to stretch on to infinity. In your ears, the faint roar of the Urubamba river 2000 feet below as you catch sight of a condor, soaring gently into the mist — transporting you on to newfound heights.  On this immersive life-changing adventure join transformational teacher and leadership expert Will Monroe Whittle as he leads you on a journey of discovery thorough Sacred Peru. Explore the lush Sacred Valley in style, learning of the interconnected worldview of the Incas and harmonizing with nature as you prime yourself for the ultimate ascent to Machu Picchu. Explore ornate churches and walk the cobblestone streets of colonial Cusco, once thought by the Incas to be the center of the world. Climb among the colossal stone blocks of the enigmatic Sacsayhuaman and revel in awe as you plumb the mysteries of the ancients and celebrate stories of the past. This is a journey to open the heart, enliven the mind and inspire powerful new perspectives. Welcome!




DAY 1 Aririval: Cusco to the Sacred Valley - Welcome and Orientation

Welcome to Peru! A great land of mountains, magical vistas and home to Machu Picchu and the wisdom and wonders of the ancient Incas.

Arrive in the Cusco airport followed by private transfer to the lush Sacred Valley of the Incas. Check in at the 5 star luxury hotel, Tambo del Inka Resort and Spa where we will be welcomed by Will Monroe Whittle who will be leading our journey for the next nine days. Time to relax and adjust to the change in altitude while we marvel at the splendor of this beautiful valley. As we take in the Sacred Valley, our home for the next few days, we prepare our bodies and open our minds to the transformative, energizing experiences to follow. 

Overnight: Tambo del Inka Resort and Spa, Sacred Valley


DAY 2 Sacred Valley of the Incas: Ollantaytambo

Our day begins with a dynamic, interactive presentation/discussion led by Will on the Inca worldview, its relevance to us, and the symbolism of the three levels of existence represented by the puma, snake and condor. We then make our way to one of the best preserved Incan villages in Peru, Ollantaytambo, the Sanctuary of the Wind, renowned for its ancient, archeologically-significant  fortress/temple. Here we'll explore the incredible story of the Incas as we climb the terrace stairs to the main altar area of the temple and learn about the Mystery of Tunupa. Tunupa, or Wiracocha, is a legendary deity seen as creator of all things in the Inca culture. We will discover the huge rock formation with his bearded face on the mountains and explore his significance to the Incas. We'll also enjoy opportunities to explore the village with its original Incan waterways, interact with colorfully dressed locals and perhaps partake in some home brewed chicha (Andean corn beer). 

Overnight:  Tambo del Inka Resort and Spa, Sacred Valley


DAY 3 Sacred Valley of the Incas: Pisac

Today, after a moving and insightful morning presentation and discussion, we drive into the hills to the picturesque village of Pisac to admire the ancient Inca city remains, including the ancient solar observatory and Temple of the Condor. Here, we explore our connection to the Condor, symbol of the Upper World, and the energy of our own Higher Selves. We will then hike together from the top of the hills down to the city, enjoying the scenic beauty of our surroundings and explore the famous Andean Marketplace held in Pisac's town square. After lunch, we will further explore the area’s treasures and align ourselves for tomorrow's ascent of Machu Picchu.

Overnight: Tambo del Inka Resort and Spa, Sacred Valley


DAY 4 Machu Picchu: The Lost City of the Incas

After an early breakfast, we'll board the Vistadome train to Machu Picchu from our hotel’s private train station. Our train will travel alongside the wild Urubamba River deep into the mountain valleys of the high jungle surrounded by the snow-covered "Apus" to Aguas Calientes, the small village at the base of Machu Picchu. Here we will be greeted by representatives from the 5 star Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel who will escort us to the hotel. Next, we'll take the spectacular  20 minute bus ride up to the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu. “The Lost City of the Incas” is an inspiring and beautiful sacred site, an architectural wonder, and a great testament to Incan Civilization. Once used as an astronomical observatory, Machu Picchu now attracts visitors from around the world to connect with the sacred energies of this special place. It is a perfect place for us to focus our intent, and grow our awareness. During our time here we will visit the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Condor, the Temple of the Three Windows, and the spiritual center of the Intihuatana, or the Hitching Post of the Sun. We will also be able to enjoy some time for private reflection and exploration with the powerful energies around us before returning to Aguas Calientes.  Tonight we share stories over dinner provided by the hotel.

Overnight: Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, Aguas Calientes


Day 5 Machu PicchU: Ascent of Huayna Picchu

This morning we return to Machu Picchu for another inspiring day. Get ready to spend the day exploring the magic of this special place and being fully present in each moment of wonder. Today Will leads a morning  hike up the towering peak of Huayna Picchu (Young Peak), for those able and interested in gaining the perspective of the condor. From the top of the mountain peak we'll look out upon the vast valley floor and embrace the energy emanating from the majestic "Apus" that surround Machu Picchu.  For those who would prefer a less strenuous magical experience, hikes can also be taken to other parts of the Machu Picchu Sanctuary, including the extraordinary Inca Bridge. The afternoon is free for further exploration of Machu Picchu on your own. Or return to Aguas Calientes to explore the village, visit the local marketplace or enjoy the peaceful rainforest surrounding the hotel (home to over 150 species of tropical birds). This evening, dinner is provided by the hotel. 

Overnight: Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, Aguas Calientes

DAY 6 Machu Picchu to Cusco: Descent to moray

Today we have the morning free to revel in our experience of Machu Picchu, to relax, go for a hike, take a guided nature walk, or to enjoy some of the hotel's many amenities including its full service spa and pool. After an early lunch, we’ll take the train back to the Sacred Valley en route to Cusco. On our way, we’ll make a special trip to visit the interesting and enigmatic Inca site of Moray, 600 meters above Urubamba. This ancient site contains unusual Inca ruins, large concentric terraces, and a sunken amphitheatre. The circular terraces are thought by some to have been used for agriculture and created as a type of open green house consisting of tropical microclimates. As Moray was also considered the womb of Mother Earth, it was thought to be the best place to initiate healers. Here we will explore the mystery of this site together, in both its physical and symbolic forms, before transferring on to the historic city of Cusco where we check in to the centrally located, 5 star Hotel Monasterio, a former monastery and national monument dating from 1592.

Overnight: Hotel Monasterio, Cusco


DAY 7 Cusco: A Melding of Cultures

After a sumptuous breakfast in the Hotel Monasterio we will set out on a grand tour of Cusco, the former capital of the once vast Inca Empire. The city’s Spanish Colonial architecture both overlays and is interlaced with the earlier Incan architecture, making the streets themselves a wonder to behold. Ornate cathedrals, adobe walls, carved balconies, hidden courtyards and cobblestone streets add to the historic richness of the ancient Incan capital. We will walk Cusco’s impressive Plaza de Armas, tour its cathedral and make our way to the Qoricancha, the Inca temple of the sun. Viewed by the Incas as the center point of their universe, the Qoricancha was the most revered of all Incan temples and its walls and floors were once covered in sheets of solid gold. Here we'll wander the courtyard which once housed the legendary Golden Disc of the sun, and gain new insights into the Inca worldview and into ourselves. Afternoon free for visiting museums, and exploring the city.     

Overnight: Hotel Monasterio, Cusco


DAY 8 Cusco: Sacsayhuaman and Beyond - The Final Ascent

On our final full day in Cusco we set out to visit the ruins above the city that were considered an essential part of the ancient capital. We start with one of the most impressive of them all, Sacsayhuaman. This is where Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, is held during the Summer Solstice. Some of the stones used to build the site weigh over 70 tons yet are fitted so precisely–without the use of mortar–that one cannot slide even the thinnest object between them. Some believe that the site forms the head of puma or jaguar and that the huge triangulated walls form its teeth, or symbolize lightening.  Here we will reconnect with the "Sacred Trilogy of the Puma, Serpent and Condor".  As we explore the temple of Sacsayhuamán, known to some as the womb of Pachamama, we will discuss the process of rebirth, and how we might continue to expand on our newfound levels of growing awareness, embrace the Inca tenants of Love, Service and Wisdom and go on to live more inspired, purposeful lives. After visiting other sacred sites around the mountain, we return to the city of Cusco and immerse ourselves in the smiles and laughter of the local people. We may also have some free time to visit the colonial cathedrals, archaeology or art museums, or explore the traditional Andean marketplace before celebrating our final night together. 

Overnight: Hotel Monasterio, Cusco


DAY 9 Return From the Journey: New Perspectives

This morning, after breakfast in the hotel, we transfer to the Cusco airport to catch our flights back home, feeling alive and energized with newfound wisdom and insights and a keen understanding that our adventure is just the beginning...






Tambo del inka resprt and spa

Located in the Sacred Valley of Urubamba between Cusco and the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, Tambo del Inka, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa a franchise of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, is the only hotel in the valley with a private train station. From which you can start your journey to the famous Inca citadel. The hotel is perched on the banks of the Urubamba River, on the outskirts of the town of the same name and surrounded by a stunning natural Andean landscape. It has a spectacular restaurant, Hawa, where you can sample the best of Peruvian cuisine as well as a world class wellness center and a breathtaking, semi-glass enclosed indoor/outdoor infinity pool.


InkaTerra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel is an intimate Andean village with terraced hills, waterfalls, stone pathways and 83 whitewashed adobe casitas tucked away in the cloud forest. Member of National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, the property has 12 acres of exquisite natural beauty, where 214 bird species – such as the golden-headed quetzal and the iconic Andean cock-of-the-rock – and the world’s largest native orchid collection (372 species) have been registered. The lodge is more than a base for visiting Machu Picchu—it is a destination in itself.


Belmond Hotel Monasterio

Uncover the secrets of Cusco with a stay in one of its most cherished landmarks. Moments from Plaza de Armas is an ancient monastery that has been at the heart of the city for centuries. Dine by candlelight among the cloisters; explore interiors rich with art and antiques; uncover the secrets of Peru’s national drink with a pisco lesson. Belmond Hotel Monasterio is a true jewel in the treasure trove of Cusco.





  • $3,950/pp (double occupancy)

  • Single Supplement: $1,195 (may be available upon request)

The trip price includes: 

  • 8 nights accommodation in luxury 5 star hotels

  • Superior/deluxe rooms, double occupancy

  • Two dinners at the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

  • Breakfasts at the Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel and Hotel Monasterio

  • Hotel Room Taxes & Service Charges

  • Private Transfers and Motorized Transportation

  • Train Transportation between the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu

  • Airport Arrival & Departure Transfers in Cusco on Day 1 & 9

  • Entrance to Machu Picchu for TWO DAYS with shuttle service

  • Entrance fees to Archaeological Sites and Temples

  • Entry fees and admission to scheduled visits

Added Features:

  • Travel with Seminar Leader, Will Monroe Whittle

  • Scheduled Presentations & Discussions

  • Onsite Private Ceremonies and Rituals

Price excludes:

  • Airfare to and from Cusco, Peru

  • Travel insurance

  • Meals and drinks not specified

  • Tips

  • Any items of a personal nature



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